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       In the context of the new collection, entitled Vpogledi [Insights], which the Institute of Contemporary History started in 2008, scientific articles dealing with a specific topic or a specific issue with regard to contemporary history – articles with common contextual and temporal characteristics – are published. The purpose of the collection, as indicated by its name, is to focus on individual issues or historical periods, to delve as deep as possible. Hence the name "insights" – from several viewpoints. Individual books contain contributions by several authors.

       This is the usual approach of historians delving into specific topics and certain periods, adopted at scientific meetings (conferences, symposiums, round tables), and therefore the first two books in this collections discuss two historical issues, explored by historians at scientific conferences. The first one represents an insight into the changes taking place in the Central Europe after the end of World War II, looking at what these changes were like, and what World War II meant for the countries of this region. The second book discussed the crises and consequent reforms, undertaken in Slovenia and Yugoslavia in the 1960s and 1980s. The books from the Vpogledi collection may be purchased at the Institute of Contemporary History, in bookstores stocking humanities literature, and at the Institute website (publications >> e-order form).

The editor-in-chief of this collection is Dr. Zdenko Čepič (

Vpogledi - Perspicacités - click the cover or icon on the right to download abstracts in the pdf* format

Click to preview 1945 A Break With The PastINZ1945 A Break With The Past25,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview INZSlovenija - Jugoslavija, krize in reforme 1968/198825,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview INZThe Role of Education and Universities in Modernization Processes in Centraland South-Eastern European Counties in 19th and 20th Century30,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview INZIz Hrvaške zgodovine 20. stoletja15,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview uredil Aleš GabričSlovenska pot iz enopartijskega v demokratični sistem22,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview Andrej Sruden (ur.)Pomisli na jutri : o zgodovini (samo)odgovornosti20,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview Nobuhiro Shiba... et. alSchool history and textbooks : 20,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview (ur.) Nevenka TrohaNasilje vojnih in povojnih dni25,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview (ur.) Nina VodopivecMed državo in trgom : cikli in prelomi v zgodovini20,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview (ur) Zdenko Čepič Slovenija v Jugoslaviji25,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview Strategije in prakse energetske oskrbe v Sloveniji(editors Žarko Lazarević, Aleksander Lorenčič)Strategije in prakse energetske oskrbe v Sloveniji20,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview Žensko delo: žensko delo v zgodovinski perspektivi(eds. Mojca Šorn, Nina Vodopivec, Žarko Lazarević)Žensko delo: žensko delo v zgodovinski perspektivi18,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview (editors Jurij Perovšek and Bojan Godeša)Between the House of Habsburg and Tito20,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview (uredila Aleksander Lorenčič in Željko Oset)Regionalni vidiki tranzicije18,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview ur. Žarko Lazarevuć, Aleš GabričSlovenci in Bolgari med zahodnimi in vzhodnimi vplivi20,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview Aleš Gabrič (ur.)TIGR v zgodovini in zgodovinopisju15,00 €Add to cart
Click to preview (ur. Andrej Studen)Od prvih oglasov do interneta : k zgodovini oglaševanja na Slovenskem20,00 €Add to cart

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