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The beginnings of the Institute of Contemporary History library date back to 1944, when the Scientific Institute of the Liberation Movement in Kočevje started systematically collecting books.

After the war ended, the library was thoroughly rearranged and relocated to Ljubljana. Through the collection of materials from various confiscated collections in the Federal Collection Centre, one of the richest libraries for the history of World War II in Slovenia was created.

After the abolishment of the Scientific Institute in 1947 the library became the property of the National Liberation Museum, and later the Institute for the History of the Workers' Movement (1959). In February 1985 the library was moved into the large ground floor rooms of the Kazina. It took over an extensive collection of newspapers and magazines, published before 1945, from the sociological library. In 1994 the library started cataloguing its materials in the COBISS system, and to date approximately 50 % of its materials have been catalogued. In 2008 the library took an active part in the creation of the Slovenian historical portal SISTORY, by collecting materials and designing the History Citation Index.

Število inventraziranih knjig v knjižnicah MNO, IZDG in INZ med leti 1946 in 2008

The library today

On 31 December 2008 the library's complete collection encompassed 34,661 books, 173 dissertations, and 9,389 volumes of serial publications. Together with other materials this amounts to 44,223 units. The basic library resources are stored at 892.80 running metres. The areas of the small reading room and the reference reading room amount to 73.13 metres and 82 metres respectively, while the professors' reading room, currently used by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, provides additional 112 metres of shelf space. In 2008 the book collection increased by 1137 units, and the library subscribed to 92 newspapers and magazines as well as 40 other serial publications. Until 2009 we have entered 19,194 titles of bibliographical units (or 27,448 inventory units) into the COBISS database.

In 2008 the library had 455 active members, of whom 140 registered for the first time. According to the COBISS information, in 2008 the library had 3,320 visitors, even though this number does not include the "regular" daily visitors, taking the magazines and books to the reading rooms. Through computer records 3,553 units were borrowed, and another 37 by means of written notes. As a curiosity let us just mention that in 2008 the readers borrowed 1,635 Slovenian, 385 Croatian and Serbian, 345 English, 188 German, 92 Italian, 16 French books, and 26 books in other languages. Through the inter-library exchange we borrowed 40 books from various libraries around Slovenia and 37 foreign libraries, and lent 31 of our books to other institutions.

Library employees

Damijana Bračko - library clerk
Employed in the library since January 1999. She takes care of the order records and lending of library materials.

Sergej Škofljanec - librarian
Employed in the library since 2003. Takes care of the lending as well as the book repository, and since 2008 he has held a licence for the COBISS system mutual cataloguing.

Igor Zemljič - senior librarian, library manager
Employed in the library since March 1999. In charge of cataloguing and managing the researchers' bibliographies.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Wednesday: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.


+ 386 1 200 31 28 or +386 1 200 31 32

Rules of procedure

The library's rules of procedure are currently being drawn up for publication.


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