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The Institute of Contemporary History functions as a central special research organisation for the field of contemporary history in the Republic of Slovenia. It is dedicated to scientific and professional exploration and presentation of the period from the 19th century to date, and in terms of contents it strives to cover the historical developments in their entirety.  In its mission the Institute recognises the requirements of historiography, outlines research topics, and opens new areas of research. In its research it cooperates with research and pedagogical institutions in the Slovenian, local, European, and global space. The institute's associates communicate the results of their research at the university and college as well as postgraduate Master's and Doctoral level. The Institute cooperates with all university and other higher education institutions in the Republic of Slovenia.

It carries out its mission of informing the professional community as well as the general public by publishing a magazine in the field of contemporary history, monographs, and other publications, organising lectures and appearances at scientific conferences and in the media.

Direktor INZ
Dr. Damijan Guštin, director of the Institute

The Institute carries out all the activities necessary for efficient realisation of research – it maintains a specialised library for the period of contemporary history and keeps developing a state of the art research infrastructure. In the pursuit of its goals the Institute follows the principle of public interest. It operates publicly, adhering consistently to the established scientific methodology and principles of historiographic research. Taking into account its field of expertise, the Institute of Contemporary History participates in the evaluation and exploration of important social questions, raised by the state authorities, organisations, and civil society. 

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